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Check out our Basic, Premium and Deluxe Photo Session products: our packages will provide you an extra affordable total solution. The pricing of any additional items will be referred from this à la carte menu, as shown below.

Portrait Work

Studio Photography & Lighting Techniqueper hour€ 65,00
Photography & Lighting Technique On Locationper hour€ 70,00
Retouchingper hour€ 65,00
Digital Image Delivery on highest print resolutionper image€ 50,00
Professional Assistent to have extra hands on locationper hour€ 50,00
Makeup/Hair Artist for half a day4 hours€ 225,00
Consultation Call to get to know each other and to discuss ideas2 hours€ 35,00

Please contact us to build your own custom package and receive discounts when you order multiple products.

Technical Teaching

Teaching to students living/working within 30 km from Zwolle (NL)per hour€ 180,00
Teaching to students living/working outside 30 km from Zwolle (NL)per hour€ 120,00


Event Photography on locationper hour€ 70,00
Studio Lighting Setup on locationper event€ 125,00
Live Photo Previews on screens, beamers, portable devicesper event€ 100,00
Live HTTPS-availability though 4G (data usage excluded)per event€ 100,00
Hostessesper event(in consultation)
Sponsor Wall Setupper event(in consultation)

Publication Licenses

Here are the most requested license types. Prices are per photo, per publication type.
For other publications please contact us.

Newspapers< 15 x 20 cm, < 100.000 pcs€ 174,00
Magazines< 10 x 15 cm, < 50.000 pcs€ 166,00
Entertainment & Showbizz Broadcastingon TV€ 241,00
Posters & Blowups< 150 cm diagonal, < 100 pcs€ 831,00
Leaflets, Flyers & Pamphlets< 20 x 30 cm, < 10.000 pcs€ 475,00
Non-Dutch Websites< 400 x 600 px, per month€ 480,00
Dutch Websites< 400 x 600 px, per month€ 320,00
Commercial Social Media Business Profilesper month€ 240,00
Non-profit Media, Personal Social Medianon-profit purposes(in consultation)

Various pricing

Travel Timeper hour€ 35,00
Traveling Expenses, within NLper km€ 0,19
Traveling Expenses, outside NLper km(in consultation)
Administration Costsper booking€ 6,00

All prices are subject to change. Tax not included. General Terms and Conditions apply.