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Sekonic & Elinchrom - HvE-20170310-0016


  1. Mat

    Good job, was looking for comparison like this. 🙂
    Any chance you could test an older Elinchrom head, like Style RX 600? I’ve read older heads are supposed to be faster then the new ones (ELC)..

  2. Nick

    Excellent writeup. I’ve been searching for this info for forever. I have einsteins and ELB400’s with HS heads, and always wondered about the duration at different power levels on the the ELBs. Eli didn’t respond when i asked. The t0.5 is nowhere near the einsteins (t.1) data, but the action heads should let me at least shoot in the studio with the ELBs when i need to. THANK YOU!

    • Hans van Eijsden

      Hi Nick, you’re welcome! The Action Heads are great, but also the ELC1000 on 3.6 and the ELC500 on 3.1.
      The Einsteins are IGBT flashes, so their shortest flash duration is usually at the lowest power. I need high power and short flash durations because I use gridded beauty dishes: I loose a lot of light because of the modifiers. Elinchrom gives me the sharpest images and the shortest flash duration on those power levels.
      I’m glad to make you happy with it and I hope to make your workflow and studio time a little bit shorter this way. 😃

  3. Petr Krenzelok

    Bad thing is, that the fast flash duration goes against the HS principle. We have got our Skyport HS and our studio RX600 are simply too fast. It works towards something like 1/600.

    So – you either go for the fast flash duration and well darkened studio, or you go for the HS and slow flash duration, which is usefull in outdoor conditions for e.g. We got both 🙂

    • Hans van Eijsden

      That’s true Petr. 😃 I’m preparing for another article later this year. Or we freeze motion with an ultra short flash duration, or we freeze motion with an ultra short shutter speed. An ultra short shutter speed needs a high, large slow flash duration, that’s why the HS heads are around 1/300 of a second. I’ve got both here too, fortunately.
      I’m thinking about making an article about my outdoor workflow while using HS, combined with measuring with the Sekonic 858-D light meter (it measures HS and HSS now).

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