Jessie: Experimental Series in Color and Greyscale

| 16 images

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The idea was to work with hard, new and special light. But then I saw Jessie with her facial features interacting with my large ø70cm beauty dish, one of my workhorses. The beauty dish gave her a great overall contrast and the sculpting of the light was contrasty, soft and metallic. It was a great match so we decided to use the beauty dish the whole day.

Jessie is special to work with. Enthusiastic and happy. And her large deep dark eyebrows and good cheekbones were helping too, of course.
The images didn’t need any skin smoothing (I hate that) or other corrections, only some dodge and burning. So, I could keep them as pure as possible. Woohoo, it’s 2017, I’m happy to know that the current trends are pure and simple again. Honest images, where great light shapes the person. And converting them to greyscale gave them even more character, check those versions at the end of the gallery above.

The next series will be with hard, new and special light. Be prepared, it will be something totally different. And follow me at social media for some sneak previews… 😉