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As one of the first European photographers I have established a completely interactive workflow. This way it’s possible to give clients total control from start to finish.

Workflow Hans van Eijsden Photography

Workflow Hans van Eijsden Photography

On the image you can see my workflow. The entries, steps, are numbered. The steps:

  1. Inspiration: Ideas, brainstorming, conceptual thinking. Sometimes, especially while working with a team, we all have to feel the same. We all have to know what we want and how we want it. And I have to understand all of the concepts, I have to “feel” them. Sometimes, especially while working with artists, this preparation can be very important to produce a successful album cover which supplements the overall image of the album and artist. But it’s totally possible to skip this step – often while doing free non-commercial work I just listen to my intuition and I get creative on demand, while being at work at the set. That’s fine! Sometimes working without a concept can give the most personal, spontaneous results.
  2. Call Sheet: Who, what, where, when and how. This is a document and this is one of the most important requirements of a successful working day. In this document I describe everything the model and/or the team needs to know. Everything about the driving directions, public transport, location, contact details, the weather, time framing, drinks and food, studio facilities and useful model preparation tips. I send the call sheet to the model and/or to the other team members at least 3 days in advance.
  3. The shoot: This can be in the studio or on location. First I make a quick test shot. I demonstrate the beauty effect of my lights and I retouch that image, to show the possibilities and to get a feeling for what we want. Then I start with extra coaching, when needed. During the day I always capture several different outfits, as much as possible. This way we get the best results, often at the end of the day.
  4. Selection: Together we make a selection of the best images. When we do 20 different outfits a day, I create 20 different subsets. From every set we choose 1 or 2 images, so in the end we have something like 30 best shots. Then we slim the selection down again to 20-25 images and these images will be edited, retouched.
  5. Editing, retouching, with live online feedback: I share the selection online through a unique, special secure link. All the people of the team (the model, and also – when used – the makeup artist and other team members) receive that unique link and they can login. All the edited and unedited images are visible and all team members can give comments on every image and they can also give priorities, so I know which image to edit first. This way we have an interactive editing workflow, so the results will be the best. I also have a live video feed with screen sharing, so the team has live video while I’m editing, in the highest quality possible.
    I do the editing, retouching, with the latest tools, with all the current professional standards and my complete workflow is color calibrated, from start to finish.
  6. Delivery: High quality formats for print and web. After I finish the editing, the images are ready. I export them in the best quality possible, with all the ICC profiles, GPS info, EXIF info, IPTC info and other tags available included. The images are ready to be used immediately on social media and portable devices but also ready for print and press like billboards, magazines, covers, etc.

With this workflow I can give everybody maximum control and because of a perfect communication we can reach a maximum customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer gives me positive energy to learn and make more; that’s the goal of my work.

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