Introducing DJ Yade: A basic personality shoot

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This second shoot with DJ Yade, a personality shoot, was a nice one. Not because of the resulting images (they are quite basic, more about that later) but because of the team. To have 3 ladies in the studio, all 3 being well prepared and working perfectly together makes life way easier for me.

This shoot is a personality shoot for the new website of DJ Yade and during the shoot I had to clear my mind. No special effects, no special light, no vivid colors.. just plain, basic and personality. So, I had to put myself into the lazy mode, which was quite challenging because normally I want to give myself for 200%. But this time (thanks to the great styling of Gerline Hornsveld and the nice makeup of Joyce Clerkx) I only had to measure the light and press the shutter. Simple shots in front of a simple grey background. A real lazy day! 🙂

You can check out my previous images of DJ Yade HERE and her new website will be ready soon.