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On popular demand, here are the results of the light & expression workshops I gave last month. This time not via internet but in real life, and in my own country, The Netherlands. Relaxed! 😃
The location was rather special: De Loads, with beautiful colorful painted walls. And the event? Fotografie In Beeld, the first time ever. Both of my workshops were quickly sold out, so who knows… looks like I’ll be there again next time.

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During the workshops I explained several things about light and expression: what is it what makes a portrait photo stand out? And how can we use light to give it an extra pop?
I gave an explanation about the 4 main technical ways to make images commercially attractive, I demonstrated the use of the light meter, I told about the sense and nonsense of the histogram and I also explained several things about the human face: the highlights, the shadows, catchlights and their relation with expression and personality.

I also gave an explanation about the color wheel (my way of making a great palette) and I revealed a trick to obtain maximum sharpness and definition in a photo: using the Elinchrom ELC500 and ELC1000 lights on an ultra short flash duration. I demonstrated their sweet spots and I also told some of my tricks about when and how I choose the best flash durations.

After the theoretical parts it was time for the workshop parts, together with model Tamara Terzic and Makeup Artist Ayse Aslan: always a great team to work with and to make some great results.
I demonstrated my workflow: about how and where to use the light meter, about custom white balance, about Capture One and creating LCC profiles and last but not least: the effect of the distance between the subject and the light modifier. We demonstrated my golden rule about subject-light distance and the effects of it.

There was so much to show and so much to tell, time was too short and Tamara had to leave early. Fortunately we had Sannaz Moghaddam in the crowd and she did a really great job by throwing away her camera and modeling for us. Thanks Sannaz! 😃

Below a short impression video by Tjapko Media Inbound Marketing & Videoproductie via #cafeobscura.
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