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One year ago Kristel and I experimented with multiple exposure photography. By using stroboscopic light, a slow shutter speed and movement of Kristel I could create a more unique artistic image, directly in camera.
But we were also wondering if we could create the sense of double exposures and movement in post, to give images a more organic and faded look.

By eliminating more or less color information from the images the attention goes to character, expression and moment. By using grids in front of my lights and by shaping the light I could accentuate those, so gaining even more attention to that expressions.
In the last shoot with Sarah I loved the effect of using a metallic deflector inside my lights. The skin became way more metallic too, with better micro contrast, punchier rendering of highlights and shadows and I decided to work it out with Kristel a little bit more.

It’s that kind of pureness why I love to work with Asian models. It’s hard to describe, but there’s always something to capture. Something pure, mysterious and attractive. Getting the chance to capture that with the right light at the right moment gives a great feeling!

For the Dutchies a bonus video, showing a simple quick retouching workflow for the featured photo in high speed.