Look At Those Eyes: Suzan

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Eyes. Eyes are the subject of most of my photos. Eyes communicate, they can be beautiful and remarkable at the same time. Suzan her eyes are remarkable. Contrasty, quite big and telling a story. Large eye lashes, her own!

This was her first photo session. It was great to work with a model like Suzan, because of her looks, attitude, flexibility and expressions. It was just a fun day, just trying to capture some special looks while sculpting the light.
Every face is different, every model needs different light and every time I learn more about making the right accents: creating local contrasts by modifying light falloff.

Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.
Samuel Richardson

To me, this shoot was a study. Just a day of experimenting with light. Although I’m a professional, I learn new techniques each day. The world keeps changing so am I. It’s nice to be able to experiment and to create some room to make mistakes. Making mistakes because of experimenting feels so nice! That way I can learn how to make impossible things possible. I experimented with beauty dishes, black cardboard, grids, stripes and snoots.

Thanks Suzan for letting me play with your looks!