Bibi Schouten: Ice Cream Test

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While working with Bibi Schouten in the fields, GeenStijl, one of the most popular Dutch weblogs, asked us to make some extra images for their GigaPica section. The Dutch summer of 2012 was cold and wet, so their visitors were in need of some colorful images.
With Bibi and our MUA’s Roberto Dresia and Bibi LaVisa that wasn’t quite a problem. 🙂

For the studio images I used an Elinchrom Deep Octa with inner diffuser and grid from the left front/side, stripe + grid from the back-right, single light with grid on the background. Single light with grid on the hair from the top, back.
Postprocessing: simple selective curves in Lab and some minor cloning of stray hairs.
Outside I also used an an Elinchrom Deep Octa, with Speedlites fired through PocketWizards on HSS, to maintain a shallow depth of field with my f/1.2 glass.

Thanks to Domimi for providing the bracelets. Like Bibi her Facebook Page HERE.